The Real Grass Roots Story

  •      Turf King Hamilton has its roots from two different areas. In the 1950's, Gerry's dad, Akio started a lawn cutting and landscape business that grew into Oriental Garden Gallery, a nursery/garden centre enterprise. Gerry, of course, grew up in the horticultural business, working summers and weekends and finally ending up managing the business. Along the way, he was able to fit in a B.Sc. (Agr.) degree in Environmental Horticulture from the University of Guelph, marrying high school sweetheart, Rosemary, and having a few kids (4 boys).
  •      In 1989, someone came along looking to buy the land. So Gerry said- Why not buy the whole thing-land and business. The deal was made and the business was sold. Dad could retire and Gerry was looking for other possibilities and opportunities. Although Akio passed away in 1998, the principles of “Friendly service and expert advice” continue to form the basis of the way we strive to service our valued customers.
  •      Meanwhile, in 1962, Chuck K. started a lawn care business in Orillia. This was the beginning of Turf King. By 1990, Ken, a classmate of Gerry's from high school and the University of Guelph was the owner of Turf King. Ken asked Gerry to lend his horticultural experience and expertise to Turf King. As a result, Turf King Hamilton came into being in 1991. Gerry lends his expertise to Ken and the other Turf Kings. There are presently several other Turf Kings scattered from Kingston to Sudbury.
  •      Turf King Hamilton has come a long way since then. From 26 customers that 1st year to now when we care for hundreds of lawns, we continue our commitment to providing the best possible service using the highest quality products. We have been fortunate to have a large group of loyal customers and a knowledgeable and competent staff to serve them.
  • This year 2014, Turf King is proud to celebrate 52 years of serving our loyal customers.  Thank you to each of you for the part you have played in the success of Turf King..
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