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Anniversary Savings at Turf King Hamilton

Celebrating our 59th Anniversary

2021 marks the achievement of Turf King's 59th year in the Lawn Care industry. Thank you to all of our loyal customers, employees and suppliers who have helped us achieve this milestone. This is an occasion to honour our past achievements and accomplishments. We celebrate the present by remaining committed to the values that serve our valued clients, the community and our employees. As for the future, Turf King will continue to act as a lawn care leader in this ever-changing profession and as a trusted advisor to our clients.
Now as we start booking lawn care programs for our 59th Year we are continuing the celebration by offering $59 off bookings for a 3 or 4 fertilizer Lawn Care Program for New Customers in 2021.

Partial or incomplete programs receive up to $59.00 off -(the Anniversary Discount will be pro-rated.)

Coupon Code 59OFF 

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 Article on Turf King's 50th Anniversary


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